Season of Ghosts Sophia

New Release by SEASON OF GHOSTS: THE HUMAN PARADOX – Coming Dec. 8th!

SEASON OF GHOSTS is ex-BLOOD STAIN CHILD Sophia’s new band, currently signed with Coroner Records (IT). The first studio album entitled “THE HUMAN PARADOX”, is set to be released internationally on the 8th of December, 2014 and it has been mixed & mastered by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi, BLOOD STAIN CHILD, Princess Ghibli) . MiA […]

Basic CMYK

Zahed Sultan (Kuwait) Releases New Single ‘Ghazi’!

Zahed Sultan announces the release of ‘Ghazi’ – the first single from his upcoming sophomore album ‘eyeamsound’, due out late 2014. ‘eyeamsound’ is a significant departure from Zahed’s previously released works of music. It resides in a more alternative space and is made up of intricate song arrangements that take their time to wind and […]


Darkest Labyrinth will release VELVET EDEN 2nd DVD [Behind the Tales] on sale November 26‏!

VELVET EDEN 2nd DVD [Behind the Tales] on sale November 26, 2014 A collection of live footage not previously released, along with the new music video from their album [Double Twelve]. The footage from their live show on 2014 offers a glimpse of a unique world view unseen in their CDs and music videos. The […]


SAGA officially announce SAGA “NO BORDER” WORLD TOUR 2014 EU Schedules in collaboration with HIGHFeeL!

SAGA is the first pop group with members from 3 big Asian countries, founded with the concept to “unite together as one” with music. SAGA’s founding member Rio from Japan is the producer of this unique project. Rio is already known because of his former music works for anime series Initial D, Viewtifull Joe and […]


MAN WITH A MISSION was nominated as a “wild card” candidate for the “2014 MTV EMA”, Europe’s biggest music award show!

“2014 MTV EMA”, Europe’s biggest music award show that is being held in Glasgow, Scotland in November, 2014, just announced its nominees. The “Worldwide Act Award” is selected through votes from MTV viewers from all over the world. Five artists were entered from Japan: Namie Amuro, E-girls, ONE OK ROCK, Perfume, and a “wild card” […]


Magistina Saga 1st DVD [MV Best Vol.1] on sale October 29, 2014!

A collection of Magistina Saga’s best music videos. A compilation selected from all of Magistina Saga’s music videos, from the very first to the most recent! The DVD also includes footage from a portion of their first oneman live show on May 23, 2014! A sponsored release party will be held at Shinsaibashi Club ALIVE! […]

Schwarz Stein


Washington, D.C. (September 6th, 2014) – Along with the announcement for Schwarz Stein’s US debut, Anime USA and ViSULOG now release additional items for their activities: A VIP Experience Package and an exclusive Tea Party featuring Kaya of Schwarz Stein in a solo chanson performance. The VIP Experience Package provides attendees with exclusive advantages for […]